Give students lots of opportunities to UNDERSTAND & SELF-CORRECT their own challenges

Kids' Own Wisdom - Social Emotional  + Life Skills Development

benefits for every student (and for you, too)

IMAGINE less hurt feelings


Imagine no child feeling isolated. Imagine a sense of real  belonging  for all of your students.

IMAGINE a mutually respectful class


Imagine teaching in a class that works for everyone... a class in which maximum learning happens.

IMAGINE less quarrels


Imagine your students solving more of their own challenges with less fights / more words and cooperation.

you can ...

... build healthy belonging.


Everyone wants to belong... it's human nature. Being 'seen,' even brief moments, when  authentic, increases the sense belonging.

... teach smarter.


Implementing the brain science of learning just makes good sense ... and the beneficial results  accumulate rapidly.

... have professional advantages.


Teachers who've adopted this approach enjoy best-practices advantages that, they all agree, are worth the gentle learning curve involved. 

Listen to the BIG PICTURE Social Emotional Learning PODCAST

Brief episodes, featuring interviews with respected educators who share their expertise and experiences. Plus, they generously share:

  • action steps 
  • successful mindsets & perspectives
  • research-based  and experience-based approaches