Develop Students' Thinking Skills: Ask SOARR-ing Questions

Stretch and Surprise

Helping kids notice seemingly separate parts of life enlivens their natural curiosity and holds their attention. (Teach smarter, rather than harder, by implementing the SOARR-ing strategies to improve students' critical thinking skills.)


Questions that invite more than one right answer invariably spark engagement within Shared Thinking Circle Times. (Engagement enlivens more neuronal activity, which is the physiological marker for increased learning.)

Age-appropriately challenging

  • Challenges aid growth.
  • Growth builds the confidence required for taking on more challenges.
  • Purposeful unpredictability is a form of challenge that leads to sustained attention and engagement. (The KIDS' OWN WISDOM® approach loves to have fun with purposeful unpredictability.)


A curriculum is relevant only to the extent it touches the inner lives of our students - their emotions, aspirations, imaginations, fears, resentments, moral values, curiosities, ideals, and their sense of order.


When kids pick up the unspoken 'message' that we see their ability to articulate actionable answers, they invariably meet, and often exceed, our expectations... to everyone's maximum advantage.

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