Building Strong, Happy & Productive Family Relationships


Week 1 - Orienting Ourselves Towards Successful Family Relationships

  • Essential elements for turning the tide and creating positive outcomes, both short-term and long term, for family relationships
  • Key factors revealed by brain science that explain children’s development, and how to implement that valuable information.

Week 2 - Healthy Attachments

  • Why healthy attachment is necessary
  • Short-term and long-term effects if healthy attachment is not properly cultivated
  • How to rebuild healthy parent-child attachment
  • Long-term benefits of healthy parent-child attachment
  • Action steps for intentional creation of healthy parent-child attachment
  • Talking so kids won’t tune you out 
  • Listening in a way that keeps your kids wanting to share their lives with you

Week 3 - Growth Mindset & Mindfulness

  • Understand the difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset
  • Self-assess own mindset in relation to various personal and professional challenges
  • Learn how to nurture your own and your child’s growth mindset
  • Common mistakes to avoid when nurturing your own and your child’s growth mindset
  • How adults and children can implement scientifically validated, yet easy and enjoyable tools for developing mindfulness, with immediate benefits

Week 4 - Keys to Developmental Relationships

  • Expressing care
  • Challenging growth 
  • Providing support
  • Sharing power
  • Expanding possibilities

Class size is limited to 20:

Meet Jeannine White ~ Your course instructor

A course for parents who want to stop struggling with their kids over every chore, every school assignment, every interaction.


How long is the course?

Four weeks.  

How often does the course meet?

Once each week. 

How long do meetings last?

Approximately 90 minutes.

What is the format of the course?

Online meetings with an excellent balance of foundational information and interactive, collaborative participation. 

Will there be homework associated with the course, and if so, how much time will be required?

There will be preparation for each week's lesson which will require 60-90 minutes.  There will also be homework for each week's lesson which will require another 60-90 minutes, plus all the time you'll be implementing what you've learned in each lesson.... which is the whole point of the course.

Why is the class size limited to 20?

Because we are committed to providing you with the most meaningful learning experience that, with your full engagement, will result in the most rewarding results for you and your family.

Will there be any follow-up after we complete the course?

Yes. You will be invited to join the private Facebook group for graduates of this course so that you may continue learning with, and supporting, other course participants' growth and family development.