The KIDS' OWN WISDOM Difference

Facilitation vs. Teaching

The Kids' Own Wisdom® approach has proven, in class after class, with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, that kids want, need and are fully capable of resolving their own challenges." rel="noopener" target="_blank">
Kids don't need more and more instructions from us, the adults in their lives. (They already get enough of that from us.)  

What they need, and what they eagerly respond to, is facilitation with the right kinds of questions that collaboratively engage them with their own most creative and constructive thinking skills.

Social Emotional Learning and Lifeskills Development does not have to be hard work for teachers.  (It doesn't have to be hard work for kids, either.) It just has to be interesting and real, and that's where the KIDS' OWN WISDOM facilitation approach shines!

Different but not Difficult

Yes, there is a slight learning curve with this approach, but ... ... this approach makes so much good sense, and aligns so perfectly with the most current and well-researched brain science of learning, that the rewards you'll experience will be well worth the brief time and effort required to learn.